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Photo Cubes

All photo Cubes above have english increments and metric increments on various sides. the 1/2" versions are made of Tungsten Carbide and the 1" version are made of 316L Stainless Steel . The finishes are either Gold or TiAlN. Both are applied using a PVD plating process.

$30 1/2" Shiny Gold
$30 1/2 Brushed Black
$30 1/2" Shiny Black
$12.50 1/2" Brushed Unfinished Closeout as they are decent for some setting but not what I was expecting.
$35 1" Shiny Black
$35 1" Brushed Black
$35 1" Brushed Gold, The numbers show up better than the picture indicates.
$30 1/2" brushed gold

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Topaz and photo cube
NWA 6704




Scale cubes are used for a variety of purposes, Pictures taken in a photo studio, and as a reference in photographs where the size of an object would not otherwise be known. I created these cubes because I noticed that people still use coins and plastic rulers in pictures and these give a better 3 dimensional look with the type of scale picked that best represents the objects in the photograph.


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